Thanks for visiting my site. I hope when you have been through it you may have a small amount of extra richness. I try every week to be a better human, a better poet, writer. Many weeks I fail. But no one has told me a date to finish on, or that things may end with this life. So I carry on....enjoy!



Life is bookended between birth and death, but how many words you put between them is up to you.





Welcome to my website...Enjoy!    

             Yma o Hyd                        



My first collection is now out....! THE MINER, FUTURECYCLE PRESS. It's on Amazon or you can buy it from my shop.

















My email is Jaspers1980@aol.com




Poem from my The Miner Collection. Available from this site...

My second poetry collection will be out in 2020. Again, by Futurecycle. The collection is called Shadows of Tryfan.