Thanks for visiting my site. I hope when you have been through it you may have a small amount of extra richness. I try every week to be a better human, a better poet, writer. Many weeks I fail. But no one has told me a date to finish on, or that things may end with this life. So I carry on....enjoy!



Life has bookends between birth and death, but how many

words you put between them is up to you.





Welcome to my website...Enjoy    

             Yma o Hyd                          

I have had poems published in Dawntreader, Sarasvati, Lampeter Rev, The Pinched, biscuit, Allegro poetry, Message in a bottle, 7th quarry, Sentinel, Carillon, London Grip, The Reader, Cannon's Mouth, The Journal, Magma, Damsel, Naturewriting, Amaryllis, Basil O'Flaherty, Galway Review, Treehouse, Scarlet Leaf Review, Obsessed with pipework, Eunoia, Poppy Road Review, The New Ulster, Bindweed, Ink Sweat and Tears, Limestone, Dead snakes, Muddy River review, Poems and Poetry, Red Eft review, Poetry Quarterly, Virtual Verse, Whispers, Dime Show Review, Provo Canyon Rev, Panoplyzine, Silver Birch rev, Hamilton Stone Rev, The Quail Bell, Third Wednesday, The Tower Journal, Algebra of Owls, Sweet Tree Review, The Curlew Review, South Florida Review, Dreamcatcher, The Cape Rock Poetry, The Peacock Journal, The Ham Free Press, Poetry Super Highway and Visitant.

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I started writing poetry years ago, infused to write by reading the lyrics of Noel Gallagher. His words from some of his lesser well-known songs struck a chord with me.

There was hope, despair, longing, dreams, sadness and love. I had never thought about poetry or writing at that point in my life. Poetry did something, brought a light to my mind.


For many years I wrote rhymed poems, and never ventured much from my comfort zone. Then one December day in 2014 I applied for a Ty Newydd course with Gillian Clarke and Maura Dooley in April 2015.


Much to my amazement I got on the course and learnt so much I couldn't take it all in.


After the love of that week, and finally getting to understand what poetry is, and even seeing that I wasn't bad at it I made a more challenging effort to improve and build a dream.


I was thankful to go again in May 2016 and since then have learnt more things about poetry. This time Carol Ann Duffy was on the course, and her words, wisdom, voice gave me fields to plough for the rest of the year.



My travels in the Poetry Community is increasing every year. More poets come into my life. I believe it is the best community in the world. You can have every pigmentation of the skin, every religion, every sexual orientation, every football fan, every age group all in one room. And everyone is happy.


It's an amazing world. I am thankful for finding it. Please don't sit back and stay outside the sphere of poetry. It's a world worth joining.

























My first collection is now out....! THE MINER, FUTURECYCLE PRESS. It is on Amazon or you can buy it from shop.

















My acknowledgements to the following for helping me achieve my first collection. Gillian Clarke and Maura Dooley for lighting the fuse at Ty Newydd. They have been fantastic support and wonderful voices to go to. I would be lost without them.

At times the poetry community have been great, Audrey Adern-Jones, Jess Mookherjee,  Sue Burge, Helen Kay, Lynne Caddick, Pat Edwards, Ness Owen, Miriam Darlington, Carolyn Martin, David Chorlton, Alice Harrison with their kind words and reading of my work.

Then others for allowing me to read at open mics, Carol Caffrey, Liz Lefroy, Ian Malcolm Parr, Jean Atkin.

Then a huge warm hand to Robert Harper and the Shrewsbury Stanza group who have fantastic voices nurturing your own voice. I have improved so much since joining.


Without the above I would not have been published as frequently or have a book out. I owe them all...




Poem from my The Miner Collection. Available from this site...