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I walk some days and love the outdoors. Here I will try and share what I see..

By jaspers1980, Dec 11 2018 02:43PM

The cows are in the field. I watch them from the window. Their heads angled into the grass. A flock of jackdaws ping out of the wood then fall again. How they use the woods is an indicator of the time for me. Once the moon shows and clouds curtain the sun they go to the back of the house. Mingle in the trees like they are at a bus stop.

We have been in this house all year. I miss the previous house, but things change, move on. I have started to find my feet. Though I miss my allotment and wood from back garden. There's more farm fields this side. Sheep and cows are pushed from field to field. Tractors shake the road every so often.

The starlings are back. Have not seen redwings yet but fieldfares are on the other side of the estate. Winter is crawling in.

By jaspers1980, May 1 2018 12:39PM

This past two weeks I have had a collection rejected twice though both said it was very good. I have failed in application for the Hay Festival as they wanted 20 Welsh writers to apply for a scheme to go down to the Hay. It would have opened doors for me. But maybe I am starting to think I am not good enough. How can a poet be able to write a poem a day, whenever he wants, through amxiety and stress but not have something to give?

Being short listed for magazines has hit me this past week. Magazines I can never get in. The well known places don't take on my work. And I have no idea why as some of it is good enough. The only thing that is true to me is nature watching. It never lies or fills me with false hope.

My dogs are the same. So I go back to them.....

By jaspers1980, Apr 17 2018 10:29PM

A beautiful day up Trevor Rocks. At times birds of prey seemed to tease us as we walked. Buzzards, kestrels, peregrine falcons, and a sparrowhawk all appeared. The place was teeming with bird life. Wheatears were everywhere in pairs. A female whinchat stood on some gorse and nearby stonechats. A meadow pipit looked all alone while three lesser whitethroats stood in a wind blown tree. It was fantastic to be up there and a real treat.

There were other bird notes pinging around but I could not see all of them. The views stretched out with Dinas Bran Castle, The Berwyns, and Llantysilio mountains filling the eyes. The history this places has seen must be incredible.

By jaspers1980, Apr 15 2018 06:56PM

Spring is here. Chiffchaffs are dominating the trees. I went for a cycle the other evening and saw six male blackbirds. All in their territory, singing and being bouncer like in their manner. The winter birds are filtering away though some fieldfares linger, and the occasional redwing.

The rookery is busy like a market day in the town. You can hear them bickering even in early darkness. Lambs are everywhere bounding about. Their legs seem to have springs in the joints. Of an evening migrating geese will fly over. Taking their long necks and big beaks someplace else. I don't envy their journey.

It's the biggest month of the year, songs and mating. Challenges from other males, nest sites fought for. We carry on with our shopping and technology. But the bird world never stops, just carries on in its infinite way.

By jaspers1980, Apr 6 2018 12:56PM

I have hit fifty birds on the estate where I live. I saw my fiftieth yesterday, a chiffchaff. I know there is more due to the variety of song. The best two birds are a wheatear and stonechat. We used to have a good flock of lapwings, but they have dwindled. Moving to the other side of the estate has given me more options. There is more farm fields this side, with livestock instead of crops. I am keen to find warblers!

There's a big fishing lake by the main house but it is for carp fishing. I am not sure I will be allowed to walk around it. Will have to see what I can do!

Bird watching has grown on me the last two years, I find it helps soothe my mind and ignite poetry.

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