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By jaspers1980, Dec 11 2018 02:43PM

The cows are in the field. I watch them from the window. Their heads angled into the grass. A flock of jackdaws ping out of the wood then fall again. How they use the woods is an indicator of the time for me. Once the moon shows and clouds curtain the sun they go to the back of the house. Mingle in the trees like they are at a bus stop.

We have been in this house all year. I miss the previous house, but things change, move on. I have started to find my feet. Though I miss my allotment and wood from back garden. There's more farm fields this side. Sheep and cows are pushed from field to field. Tractors shake the road every so often.

The starlings are back. Have not seen redwings yet but fieldfares are on the other side of the estate. Winter is crawling in.

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