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back to nature

By jaspers1980, May 1 2018 12:39PM

This past two weeks I have had a collection rejected twice though both said it was very good. I have failed in application for the Hay Festival as they wanted 20 Welsh writers to apply for a scheme to go down to the Hay. It would have opened doors for me. But maybe I am starting to think I am not good enough. How can a poet be able to write a poem a day, whenever he wants, through amxiety and stress but not have something to give?

Being short listed for magazines has hit me this past week. Magazines I can never get in. The well known places don't take on my work. And I have no idea why as some of it is good enough. The only thing that is true to me is nature watching. It never lies or fills me with false hope.

My dogs are the same. So I go back to them.....

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