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the new garden

By jaspers1980, Apr 2 2018 08:02PM

We have moved house. It has been a terrible seven months but we have got through it. The new garden today is a fifth of the size. All the raised beds lost, bird boxes and other things we had. Today we must rebuild.

We have lived in the new house for three months. Our bird number has gone to 21 different species.

This past week we have had a pied wagtail attacking our back door window. At first I thought he wanted me to feed him. Then we thought it was to do with him seeing his reflection so we thought he might be seeing a mate. But we have now realised he is defending his terrotory. He sees his reflection and thinks it's another male. He kicks and pecks the glass. Now we have put up a blind in hope it deters him from wasting energy and us cleaning the glass every hour!

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