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times of change

By jaspers1980, Apr 15 2018 06:56PM

Spring is here. Chiffchaffs are dominating the trees. I went for a cycle the other evening and saw six male blackbirds. All in their territory, singing and being bouncer like in their manner. The winter birds are filtering away though some fieldfares linger, and the occasional redwing.

The rookery is busy like a market day in the town. You can hear them bickering even in early darkness. Lambs are everywhere bounding about. Their legs seem to have springs in the joints. Of an evening migrating geese will fly over. Taking their long necks and big beaks someplace else. I don't envy their journey.

It's the biggest month of the year, songs and mating. Challenges from other males, nest sites fought for. We carry on with our shopping and technology. But the bird world never stops, just carries on in its infinite way.

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