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By jaspers1980, Mar 19 2019 09:30PM

Our human friend said the other day he reads books to make him a more rounded person....I looked at Lana and said 'I thought pizza did that for him?'

He was singing all weekend because his rugby team won. What a crazy sport! They chase each other around then kick the ball through some posts! Me and Lana do that and we get told off for running with the ball in our mouths.

We saw another dog today. My tail was up, used my nose to sniff his deodrant. He seems a nice chap. Not sure we will go for a squirrel run anytime soon, but it's good to know your neighbours. He seemed to have a shorter leg at the back.

Our human friend is still writing poetry. Not sure why! Me and Lana prefer comics.

He said the other day he wants to start running....Lana said to me 'If the house went on fire it would be out quicker than him'

we will let you know what he does!

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