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By jaspers1980, Mar 8 2019 03:36PM

A wet day to go for a walk! Me and Lana print our paws all over the earth. Our human friend looks to the trees watches birds come and go. He seems to be longing..I wonder what bird he would be? I would say Wood Pigeon. They are daft and make loads of noise. I'm sure he will say Eagle. Maybe, he's a Bald Eagle. Or a coot! That will do him! We won't tell him that though guys....

Yesterday he went upstairs to pedal his exercise bike and me and Lana finished off his tea. We usually do that, if he brings his food into the living room then goes back out we will nick a scotch egg or roastie. He doesn't notice as he can't count. One time I took a sausage out of his bap and left him with just one. He ate it without knowing. His mouth like a horse chewing straw.

I must sleep now as Wales are in the rugby tomorrow and I need to chase after every point. We had a good result last time we played another win tomorrow and we will be on our way! GWLAD! GWLAD!

LANA! Out of the toy box...our human has his flat cap on so he must want a kip.

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