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By jaspers1980, Feb 13 2019 03:23PM

We have had lots of treats this past week. Our human friend has given us mackerel, tuna, sardines, and chicken stew. Crikey my tum tum has been loving this new menu! Lana and I are not sure on how long this will go on for hopefully another week.

The fields are bouncy! The soil not too hard or too soft. My paws are cushioned on every sprint I make. Our human tries to keep up, but he seems to be blowing hard lately. The sun cast his shadow the other day, and it appeared to resemble a hedgehog. But we're not going to tell him that. His snoring might get louder!

It's his birthday today. He's 39. Looks 93. I have given him a fuss, and his tailbone wagged. He also had his tongue out when our mum made him dinner! And he says we're dogs!

He and I have had a great 8 years together. The train journeys around the coast have been incredible. I know he wants to start work again, but I and Lana pooch will miss him. I hope he gets new socks. His feet look like a hole of golf with the holes look like bunkers.

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