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By jaspers1980, Jan 31 2019 03:17PM

Mr Jasper here....what a cold night that was! Minus something. Our human friend was tucked up like a tortoise in his shell. When we went out this morning, our paw pads found the ground very tough. I tried to sprint but could not push down hard enough. Our human friend had a red nose, similar to Rudolph. He was shaking inside his coat I thought he was going to ask for a cuddle!

Snow is thin on the ground. I love to put my nose into it and sniff for voles or mice. Or look for my tennis ball. Our human friend sometimes throws snowballs into the air. He always gets me! I jump up and catch a mouthful of snow! I seem to forget he does it for a laugh. I 'm not a fan of his humour.

Last night I dreamt I was in an igloo. Cooking fish on a stove. When I woke this morning my eyelids had to break open. Living in a stone wall house is not fun. When I was a pup me, and the human lived in a brick house. We never suffered from the cold as we do now.

Look at the cats enjoying themselves! They never go for a walk! Always, always lying around when it's cold!

And there's me below! My human friend thinks I need something on my head to go out...what a bonehead!

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