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By jaspers1980, Apr 10 2019 01:55PM

Sorry I haven't been writing, I have been a bit lazy lately. My legs need stretching for all the running and chasing a ball we keep giving back to our human. But, for some reason throws it away with a frown. The woods are growing as we sniff the paths. Trees have decided it's time for leaves. Bird song is confusing my hearing. I never know if it's a bird or our human whistling!

Me and Lana pant a little more with the extra heat from the sun. Our human is still trying to lose weight. He is eating veg and fresh salad, a spinach & blueberry smoothie. Sometimes he gives me and Lana some stew or soup he has made. He has lost a bit around the tub, his shadow isn't a barrel shape now, more a melon.

The neighbour has two lambs. I sniff at the fence and would love to jump over and round them up. They're noisey and spend a lot of time nibbling the grass. Lana growls. Then our human tells us they are friendly and we must be nice to them. Then I ask Lana, what meat did he have for Sunday roast? Lamb, she replies.

Our mum is on nights this week so we get on the bed at night and stretch out. Pushing our human friend out of the bed during the the early hours. He groans and tuts. I pretend to have a nightmare and whack his legs with my tail. He gets up and strokes my face. What does he know!

Anyway, must be off. I have a chew to chew and sofa to soften. Cushions to mould into my body shape and a human to pester when my belly rumbles.


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