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By jaspers1980, Jan 29 2019 01:32PM

I always know when he is making a stew or casserole. He has an extra skip in his step and he rubs his tum. I wait on the edge letting the smell of cooking go up my nose. Me and Lana always have a bowl. He is a good human. We get fed up with tinned food.

Look at him cutting up a carrot! Crikey! He thinks he's a top chef....he once cut an onion in half and got upset over it. He stood by the back door sniffling and wiping his eyes. I think he has an issue with onions. I'll never forget the day when he was told to put beetroot in his stew. For me that would mean some beetroot on top of the stew when it's in the bowl. Not him. He cooked it!

He once saw boxes of OXO cubes stacked on a shelf in a supermarket. He then told our human mother that there's a board game of naughts and crosses on sale....

See you next time guys..woof!

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