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By jaspers1980, Mar 4 2019 07:59PM

The wind is in. Our human friend's hair is clinging on. Similar to an octopus out of water with its tendrils gasping for liquid. We have been onto the fields today. The crops are growing now with more sunlight. Crows still tease me and Lana by standing in the corner. Our human friend shouts 'Crow!' and we're off! Jackdaws are flocking too. And squirrels are getting ready for spring. The winter is leaving us at last. Though it is dragging its tail of wind through the sky, trees are bangiing hard branches creak like our human friends bones every morning.

He is losing the plot though. I watched him today look for the butter in the fridge and he brought out the milk....he quickly needs a job. His snoring is worse! Last night I thought someone was sawing wood.

Our human friends went bird watching on weekend. They talk about these birds when they get home like they know them! The only bird he knows is a chicken.

He said 'Goldeneye was a beauty!' I say 'It's not the best Bond film'

He said 'Long tail tit!' I replied 'Nothing wrong with my tail' he just looked at me.

We have these moments...

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