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By jaspers1980, Apr 12 2019 08:54PM

Weekend is here! We all have a good lie in over the two days. No point getting up (yawn) too early. Me and Lana have had chew shoes this week. I love getting my teeth into them! Not sure where our human buys them but they are awesome!

He's been chirpy this week, our human. Cannot be a full moon. He was whistling yesterday, danced with Lana. He must have worked out the microwave is for food not clothes. We went down the wood again and then onto the field. The sun fell on us. I love spring and all the smells it brings! Our human perks up when there is sun. His head frazzles and he turns into a pumpkin. Me and Lana snigger when he leaves the room.

We chased some rabbits today. I love speeding after them! They are great fun and always make it hard for us to get close. I only want to sniff their fur! Crikey they hurtle! It's a shame as we could become firm friends. Same with squirrels and crows. They always run.

Our human still lifts these things in the garden. Weights, I think. Not sure why. He seems to be annoyed at lifting them and swears when done. What's the point of doing something that makes you angry? Me and Lana just lie with our tennis balls. He does play in between which is great. His shape hasn't changed much. The usual seal shape lying on a beach.

Ah well, me and Lana know best! Chase the ball, stick, eat, then sleep. Perfect.

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