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By jaspers1980, Feb 5 2019 10:00AM

My human friend took us into the frosty morning yesterday. He seemed distant. Maybe he was thinking of buying the naughts and crosses board game? Lana and I ran around, chased a rabbit. I knew another dog had been walking around. His paws were huge! Much bigger than mine and I wonder who he is. Maybe one day I will come across him. Then again hopefully not.....

The other day we had mackerel with our biscuits for tea. WOW! I love the stuff! The house smells a bit, and our human sprays deodorant into the air. Our mum moans about the fishy smell. Lana and I lick our chops all night long. I wish I were a grizzly bear! Our human friend is like a grizzly. We see it more when he is getting changed in the morning. Crikey! He doesn't need a blanket on the bed with all that fur.

I know he had an interview yesterday and didn't get the job. I saw his eyes fill a little. I gave him a sniff and licked his hands. Lana just sat on him and wiped his face free of sadness. I don't enjoy seeing him in such a state of mind. He wanders off for days, and you think will he talk again. I pass him the ball a bit more when he is like this. Then do silly things such as walk into the door or slip on the stairs. He always has a chuckle!

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