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By jaspers1980, Jan 29 2019 01:32PM

I always know when he is making a stew or casserole. He has an extra skip in his step and he rubs his tum. I wait on the edge letting the smell of cooking go up my nose. Me and Lana always have a bowl. He is a good human. We get fed up with tinned food.

Look at him cutting up a carrot! Crikey! He thinks he's a top chef....he once cut an onion in half and got upset over it. He stood by the back door sniffling and wiping his eyes. I think he has an issue with onions. I'll never forget the day when he was told to put beetroot in his stew. For me that would mean some beetroot on top of the stew when it's in the bowl. Not him. He cooked it!

He once saw boxes of OXO cubes stacked on a shelf in a supermarket. He then told our human mother that there's a board game of naughts and crosses on sale....

See you next time guys..woof!

By jaspers1980, Jan 28 2019 11:11AM

What a weekend! Our female human's son has left home. We will miss him. He was so tall! When he walked us, we had his shadow to keep the hot sun away in summer. He also had nibbles under his bed, and we would break in when he had a shower. Not sure we will miss him getting drunk and waking us all up at midnight, but there you go. And his snoring! Crikey.....I thought someone was fracking down there.

Our human friend looks a bit down by it. And Vito the cat. Who has lost his owner. It's all a great pity.

We have just been for a walk the ground is hard today. Yesterday was tough with leaves being blown everywhere! Trees bending over and creaking branches. Our human friend was a little nervous about walking through the trees. So Lana and I ran ahead, and he had no choice but to follow. We both played tug with a fallen branch. It felt like the trees were roaring us on!

We have no dental sticks my teeth are turning green here! We will have to drop some hints this week. Does he realise I have to keep my looks? And Lana never turns down a chance to break something up in her mouth. She could get a job on a quarry.

By jaspers1980, Jan 25 2019 02:30PM

Our human had a lie in this morning. We're not sure why but there you go. He says he has stress and stuff.

We could not wait to get out though! There's a wind in the sky today, and scents are coming from all directions. I didn't know where to run when on the field. Lana saw a pair of crows and went whoomph! So I had to follow in case she found something on the way like a bone or doggy biscuits. You never know what falls out of people's pockets.

We are now lying in the front room feeling relaxed and playful. Our human friend says he has stuff to do. Writing poems most probably. He cannot say he has to wash his hair. He has none. I know he has toe-nails to clip but I won't tell him that. Let him catch them on the edge of the carpet and pull a thread around all day. Mum will hit the roof!

Anyway, for now, I have sheep to round up sheep in my dreams so see you all soon.

spot me in the picture below....

By jaspers1980, Jan 24 2019 06:29PM

Yesterday our human friend made some food in the slow cooker. He said it was for tonight's dinner. My nose has been twitching ever since. So this afternoon we have had the leftovers for our tea. I never knew he could peel a spud! I have seen him in the kitchen in the past. Making a pot noodle or beans and toast. He sweats over that. He thought a ladle was a supermarket. And an upside-down cake was, well, upside down. Poor chap.

Today we went to the tree path for a walk. I saw a rabbit messing about in the woods. We chased it and leaves flicked up like fleas. My heart was buzzing at the sight of a rabbit! Their furry tail shook as a wind-blown apple!

Lana has to wear a harness for her walks. Her strength is too much for our human friend. Even though he lifts dumbells in the garden. I think they're plastic or even paper mache. Lana is an excitable girl and loves to run and run. I always try and round her up when she sprints off!

The nights are stretching by the minute. The tawny owl hoots around 5 pm around here. Sometimes I howl in response. He never replies.

By jaspers1980, Jan 23 2019 01:57PM

Hey up! The flat cap is on! He makes me laugh when he's in the garden. He puts this spade thing in the ground and digs. Me and Lana say, why not ask us? But he carries on. Wiping his forehead and frowning with every heave of soil. The other day he slipped on some plastic. He was on his back like a ladybird. I had to stand behind the shed for a moment. My ribs were rattling too much!

Hey up, we're all going out. Crikey he must be bonkers digging in the snow! Maybe he wants us both to find a bone? He usually gives us dental chews, but we have run out. Hence, the reason I nibbled his slipper at 5 am. But he doesn't know that. His feet are that hairy he doesn't even realise he wears slippers.

Got to go! He has put his gloves on and is whistling.....glad he's not wagging his tail.

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