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By jaspers1980, Feb 5 2019 10:00AM

My human friend took us into the frosty morning yesterday. He seemed distant. Maybe he was thinking of buying the naughts and crosses board game? Lana and I ran around, chased a rabbit. I knew another dog had been walking around. His paws were huge! Much bigger than mine and I wonder who he is. Maybe one day I will come across him. Then again hopefully not.....

The other day we had mackerel with our biscuits for tea. WOW! I love the stuff! The house smells a bit, and our human sprays deodorant into the air. Our mum moans about the fishy smell. Lana and I lick our chops all night long. I wish I were a grizzly bear! Our human friend is like a grizzly. We see it more when he is getting changed in the morning. Crikey! He doesn't need a blanket on the bed with all that fur.

I know he had an interview yesterday and didn't get the job. I saw his eyes fill a little. I gave him a sniff and licked his hands. Lana just sat on him and wiped his face free of sadness. I don't enjoy seeing him in such a state of mind. He wanders off for days, and you think will he talk again. I pass him the ball a bit more when he is like this. Then do silly things such as walk into the door or slip on the stairs. He always has a chuckle!

By jaspers1980, Jan 31 2019 03:17PM

Mr Jasper here....what a cold night that was! Minus something. Our human friend was tucked up like a tortoise in his shell. When we went out this morning, our paw pads found the ground very tough. I tried to sprint but could not push down hard enough. Our human friend had a red nose, similar to Rudolph. He was shaking inside his coat I thought he was going to ask for a cuddle!

Snow is thin on the ground. I love to put my nose into it and sniff for voles or mice. Or look for my tennis ball. Our human friend sometimes throws snowballs into the air. He always gets me! I jump up and catch a mouthful of snow! I seem to forget he does it for a laugh. I 'm not a fan of his humour.

Last night I dreamt I was in an igloo. Cooking fish on a stove. When I woke this morning my eyelids had to break open. Living in a stone wall house is not fun. When I was a pup me, and the human lived in a brick house. We never suffered from the cold as we do now.

Look at the cats enjoying themselves! They never go for a walk! Always, always lying around when it's cold!

And there's me below! My human friend thinks I need something on my head to go out...what a bonehead!

By jaspers1980, Jan 29 2019 01:37PM

Here is me and Lana at Christams time. We had so much fun! Pulling crackers and eating turkey. We were going out on this particular day. The local DJ (dog jockey) had a disco on. So we went down there full of pedigree light. We rocked the place!

By jaspers1980, Jan 29 2019 01:32PM

I always know when he is making a stew or casserole. He has an extra skip in his step and he rubs his tum. I wait on the edge letting the smell of cooking go up my nose. Me and Lana always have a bowl. He is a good human. We get fed up with tinned food.

Look at him cutting up a carrot! Crikey! He thinks he's a top chef....he once cut an onion in half and got upset over it. He stood by the back door sniffling and wiping his eyes. I think he has an issue with onions. I'll never forget the day when he was told to put beetroot in his stew. For me that would mean some beetroot on top of the stew when it's in the bowl. Not him. He cooked it!

He once saw boxes of OXO cubes stacked on a shelf in a supermarket. He then told our human mother that there's a board game of naughts and crosses on sale....

See you next time guys..woof!

By jaspers1980, Jan 28 2019 11:11AM

What a weekend! Our female human's son has left home. We will miss him. He was so tall! When he walked us, we had his shadow to keep the hot sun away in summer. He also had nibbles under his bed, and we would break in when he had a shower. Not sure we will miss him getting drunk and waking us all up at midnight, but there you go. And his snoring! Crikey.....I thought someone was fracking down there.

Our human friend looks a bit down by it. And Vito the cat. Who has lost his owner. It's all a great pity.

We have just been for a walk the ground is hard today. Yesterday was tough with leaves being blown everywhere! Trees bending over and creaking branches. Our human friend was a little nervous about walking through the trees. So Lana and I ran ahead, and he had no choice but to follow. We both played tug with a fallen branch. It felt like the trees were roaring us on!

We have no dental sticks my teeth are turning green here! We will have to drop some hints this week. Does he realise I have to keep my looks? And Lana never turns down a chance to break something up in her mouth. She could get a job on a quarry.

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