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By jaspers1980, Mar 4 2019 07:59PM

The wind is in. Our human friend's hair is clinging on. Similar to an octopus out of water with its tendrils gasping for liquid. We have been onto the fields today. The crops are growing now with more sunlight. Crows still tease me and Lana by standing in the corner. Our human friend shouts 'Crow!' and we're off! Jackdaws are flocking too. And squirrels are getting ready for spring. The winter is leaving us at last. Though it is dragging its tail of wind through the sky, trees are bangiing hard branches creak like our human friends bones every morning.

He is losing the plot though. I watched him today look for the butter in the fridge and he brought out the milk....he quickly needs a job. His snoring is worse! Last night I thought someone was sawing wood.

Our human friends went bird watching on weekend. They talk about these birds when they get home like they know them! The only bird he knows is a chicken.

He said 'Goldeneye was a beauty!' I say 'It's not the best Bond film'

He said 'Long tail tit!' I replied 'Nothing wrong with my tail' he just looked at me.

We have these moments...

By jaspers1980, Feb 13 2019 03:23PM

We have had lots of treats this past week. Our human friend has given us mackerel, tuna, sardines, and chicken stew. Crikey my tum tum has been loving this new menu! Lana and I are not sure on how long this will go on for hopefully another week.

The fields are bouncy! The soil not too hard or too soft. My paws are cushioned on every sprint I make. Our human tries to keep up, but he seems to be blowing hard lately. The sun cast his shadow the other day, and it appeared to resemble a hedgehog. But we're not going to tell him that. His snoring might get louder!

It's his birthday today. He's 39. Looks 93. I have given him a fuss, and his tailbone wagged. He also had his tongue out when our mum made him dinner! And he says we're dogs!

He and I have had a great 8 years together. The train journeys around the coast have been incredible. I know he wants to start work again, but I and Lana pooch will miss him. I hope he gets new socks. His feet look like a hole of golf with the holes look like bunkers.

By jaspers1980, Feb 6 2019 10:11PM

Look at my other half here! Snoring away.....we seem to get on better when one of us sleeping!

By jaspers1980, Feb 5 2019 10:00AM

My human friend took us into the frosty morning yesterday. He seemed distant. Maybe he was thinking of buying the naughts and crosses board game? Lana and I ran around, chased a rabbit. I knew another dog had been walking around. His paws were huge! Much bigger than mine and I wonder who he is. Maybe one day I will come across him. Then again hopefully not.....

The other day we had mackerel with our biscuits for tea. WOW! I love the stuff! The house smells a bit, and our human sprays deodorant into the air. Our mum moans about the fishy smell. Lana and I lick our chops all night long. I wish I were a grizzly bear! Our human friend is like a grizzly. We see it more when he is getting changed in the morning. Crikey! He doesn't need a blanket on the bed with all that fur.

I know he had an interview yesterday and didn't get the job. I saw his eyes fill a little. I gave him a sniff and licked his hands. Lana just sat on him and wiped his face free of sadness. I don't enjoy seeing him in such a state of mind. He wanders off for days, and you think will he talk again. I pass him the ball a bit more when he is like this. Then do silly things such as walk into the door or slip on the stairs. He always has a chuckle!

By jaspers1980, Jan 31 2019 03:17PM

Mr Jasper here....what a cold night that was! Minus something. Our human friend was tucked up like a tortoise in his shell. When we went out this morning, our paw pads found the ground very tough. I tried to sprint but could not push down hard enough. Our human friend had a red nose, similar to Rudolph. He was shaking inside his coat I thought he was going to ask for a cuddle!

Snow is thin on the ground. I love to put my nose into it and sniff for voles or mice. Or look for my tennis ball. Our human friend sometimes throws snowballs into the air. He always gets me! I jump up and catch a mouthful of snow! I seem to forget he does it for a laugh. I 'm not a fan of his humour.

Last night I dreamt I was in an igloo. Cooking fish on a stove. When I woke this morning my eyelids had to break open. Living in a stone wall house is not fun. When I was a pup me, and the human lived in a brick house. We never suffered from the cold as we do now.

Look at the cats enjoying themselves! They never go for a walk! Always, always lying around when it's cold!

And there's me below! My human friend thinks I need something on my head to go out...what a bonehead!

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