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spring time

By jaspers1980, Apr 18 2019 04:53PM

Spring is here! Our human has been whistling again! He's like a kettle at the minute. Now he's happy because the swallows have arrived. A swallow! EXACTLY! I just sigh and think of tea. We are in the garden much more now as he has started planting seeds in his beds and planters. So we're playing with the ball

which I know he loves to do. He frowns like a rhino standing on a thorn but he enjoys playing. He sometimes sings songs like he's at the football. But me and Lana are a good team and guard the fence very well.

Me and Lana love to stretch under the expanding sun. Our minds full of sticks and balls. Though our biggest enemy is back. The wasp! How we hate these buggers! We have been involved in some fights over the years with nests in the garden. Our human hates them too. When one comes near he jumps about like he's doing star jumps. The only exercise he does. He did join the gym once but I think he went on the vending machine mostly.

Anyway, here's some photos of me in the old garden in springtime. We haven't much yet in the new one but the humans are saying this will change....

woof woof!

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